2013 Subaru BRZ Brochures Now Available at Dealerships – BRZ Specs, Options, Product Guide and Marketing Preview

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March 1st is “pre-order” day for the 2013 Subaru BRZ. Here is what we know. Dealers want a refundable $500 to $1000 deposit for a spot to order a BRZ. The sooner you turn in your deposit, the sooner you will have your BRZ after release in May. The amount of BRZ’s the dealerships will receive is based on how many WRX and STI’s sold in 2011. The more WRX and STI’s sold, the more BRZ’s the dealer will be able to sell. That doesn’t mean everyone will get a BRZ this year because of the short supply. We have heard only 3,000 units will be built, while 5,000 Scion FR-S will be built.

With the “pre-order” day tomorrow, dealerships were briefed on the BRZ this week and received materials for distribution. There is a Marketing Preview brochure and Advanced Product Guide brochure that is hot off the presses. If you can’t make it to a dealer for the brochures, just click here for the scans. Some of our readers found some interesting information about the BRZ in the booklets.

  • Fuel Milage:  MT 22/30/25,  AT 25/34/28  (city/hwy/combined) Lower then previously reported.
  • Interesting demographics of buyers
  • And… NO PRICE!

Although, the expected price is to be mid $20k’s for the premium, and the limited model a few thousand clams more, buyers still are in the dark about the official price. There are also reports of dealers wanting to mark up the cars by $2,000. This is frustrating for potential buyers in many ways. In order to get a car, you have to pre order it, but you don’t know the price, you don’t know if the dealers are going to mark them up, and you don’t know if you will even get a BRZ until the end of the year, so what do you do? Let us know here.

Link to the Product Guide and Marketing Preview brochures!

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