2013 Subaru BRZ sales figures: 4 times target, hit 3,551 units, 2 months since introduction in Japan

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The 2013 Subaru BRZ is flying off the shelves, shocking Subaru and their predicted goals. In just two months, starting February 3rd through today March 27th, 3,551 units have been sold. Approximately quadrupling the 900 units initially stated in the sales forecast. Here are some percentage figures of the ones sold. 78.4% sold were the S model, the highest grade with the most standard equipment, like the Limited model for the US market. 18.5% sold were the R model, like the Premium model for the US market. 3.1% for the RA model, which is a very basic tuner edition that the US market will not be selling. 66.3% 6-speed manual transmission and 33.7% 6-speed automatic transmission.

Percentage of colors sold:
WR blue mica 33.9%, Satin white pearl 24.4%, Crystal black silica 16.5%, Sterling silver metallic 8.4%, Dark gray metallic 6.3%, Lighting red 6.1%, and Galaxy blue silica 4.4%.

The percentage of customer’s age:
Under 29 27.5%
30 – 39 27.9%
40 – 49 23.3%
50 – 59 13.8%
Over 60 7.5%

These figures are fun to evaluate. It allows the community an inside look at the cars demographics and popularity.

Check out the full Press Release PDF: BRZJPSALES

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