2014 Subaru BRZ Pricing and New Features Announced by SoA!


It has been roughly a year and four months since the first 2013 Subaru BRZ landed on the shores of the United States. Well, in that time period Subaru of America has sold 8,919 BRZ! Now it is time for Subaru to price the 2014 “MY” BRZ and its new features. Anyone who knows the Subaru trend of updating their line up will note that this year bodes for very minor changes. Continuing with that pattern, there are only two new standard features:

  • Aha® Infotainment smartphone integration included with the standard navigation system.
  • Redesigned remote transmitter for keyless start system on BRZ Limited.

These minor changes don’t affect performance or appearance. We have confirmed with emails back and forth with Subaru of America that the Aha® Infotainment integration does not include steering wheel mounted controls, unfortunately.

There is a $100 price increase for both the Premium and Limited 2014 BRZ models. If you are interested in seeing what the 2013 pricing was, click here!

2014 BRZ
MSRP + destination and delivery
BRZ Premium
BRZ Limited
BRZ Limited
Destination & Delivery is $795 and may vary in the following states: CT, HI, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI and VT. D&D is $945 for dealers in Alaska.

 Full press release and discussion in our forum section here! 


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