Blitz Aero Speed R-Concept kit and NUR-SPEC exhaust released for the BRZ and 86!


Body kits are the hot ticket item to get you noticed now in the BRZ/FR-S/86 universe. Blitz has joined the party with the Aero Speed R-Concept kit with a unique design to maximize aerodynamics via on track research and development. This kit has been seen at the Tsukuba Circuit and the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, but now the kit is available to purchase. Special features and details include:


  • Front bumper
    • Made of FRP shipped unpainted for ¥126,000 Japanese Yen
    • LED vertical strip
    • Larger opening for more air to cool the engine
    • Specially designed intake ducts at the tips of the headlights
    • Larger lip for less drag and more downforce


  • Side skirts
    • Made of FRP shipped unpainted for ¥ 105,000 Japanese Yen
    • Styling cues already found in the BRZ to create unity with the stock vehicle (check the bottom left of the side skirt)
    • Designed to complete the front bumper and rear diffuser for maximum air flow


  • Rear diffuser
    • Made of FRP and carbon fiber shipped unpainted for ¥ 220,500 Japanese Yen including the NUR-SPEC C-Ti quad tip exhaust
    • Removable carbon fiber flap to adjust aerodynamic specific setups
    • Designed to move air out that accumulates underneath the vehicle
    • Specific fitment for the NUR-SPEC C-Ti quad tip exhaust
      • exhaust made of SUS304 stainless steel body fused with ultra-lightweight titanium alloy


  • GT Wing
    • Made of carbon fiber with black anodized aluminum brackets for ¥ 231,000 Japanese Yen
    • Specifically designed for the BRZ/86 with a length of 1440mm

All of these parts are available starting this month! No, this is not an April Fools joke… But what is a joke is that the graphics are not included! :) Check out all the pictures below directly from Blitz and various media outlets around the net.

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Source: Blitz

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  1. Hovan

    Where can we order this kit?

  2. Anonymous

    Side skirts dont even match the vents on brz. There flipped the wrong way

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