BRZ FT-86 and FR-S Technical Data

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More pictures of the technical data here!

This is the first time I have witnessed a car yet to be released be picked a part so thoroughly. It make me smile! Technical data and information manuals are slowly leaking from Japan about the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota/Scion FT-86/FR-S. These documents give better insight as to what a gear head cares about when buying a sports car. There are some key points about the documents such as the overwhelming trend of low weight, low center of gravity, low inertia and compactness. Those words in one sentence make any drivers dream come true. The link above shows more of the manuals of the “ground-up design”. Here are some details I have noticed about the manuals. First, look at the chassis, start at the engine, the front suspension, then down the driveshaft running next to the exhaust and then the rear differential. There is a common theme here, simplicity. Everything just looks as it should, nothing out of place and nothing overdone. The top profile reveals the design of the exhaust and somewhat tiny sway bars; the aftermarket parts industry will have a lot of fun with this car! Next look at the side profile. This reveals the rake of the engine and transmission, also the location of the engine relative to the firewall. The manuals mention how this is optimal for weight distribution. The drivetrain in this particular layout make me think that we won’t see a top mount intercooler for a turbo model, but don’t worry. Look at the space in front of the engine and the nose of the car, there is plenty of room for a front mount intercooler! That is just an observation a guess, and something to cross our fingers for. Other key points worth mentioning is the 13.2 lb/hp power to weight ratio and a drag coefficient of 0.27. Comparable to a 2011 STi sedans power to weight ratio of 11.1 lb/hp and drag coefficient of 0.35. This tells us that with a few extra horsepower under the hood, it will easily keep up with an STi.

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