BRZ Sells Out in Australia After 3 Hours and Crashes Subaru’s Website

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Within 3 hours of a “BUY BRZ” button appearing on Subaru of Australia’s site, the 201 BRZs available for the year were completely sold out! 50 of the cars are going to be demo models for several Australian dealerships. Since the BRZ was being exclusively sold over the internet, Subaru of Australia’s site crashed, which meant several people couldn’t click the “BUY BRZ” button. “The sheer volume of traffic to our internet site is four times higher than normal,” says Subaru Australia spokesman David Rowley. To place your order on Subaru’s site, you needed a $3,000 deposit via credit card, but if you are reading this and have not ordered one, better luck next time. For more information and to join the discussion, visit our forum section, here!

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