Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S NOW AVAILABLE w/ VIDEO

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On the dyno

Original drive shaft – 2 piece – 24 lbs.

Stock Drive Shaft

CF Drive Shaft with aluminum ends – 1 piece – 12 lbs.

PowerTrain Industries Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

Stock dyno HP: 172 HP
Dyno w/ PowerTrain Industries Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft: 174 HP

Subaru BRZ Dyno Before and After Drive Shaft Comparison

The CF drive shaft fits without any issues, but we shaved down one stud an 1/8th to make sure the clearance was perfect.

The one bolt we shaved down a few mm

Benefits to having a CF drive shaft: Improved throttle response, more power, lighter weight and can withstand gobs of power.

Beautiful aluminum ends

Driving the car: I can’t say that I feel any major difference, but the numbers don’t lie and it is awesome to have. The car feels more eager to rev and accelerate, which would be expected with less rotating mass. Too bad the beautiful piece of carbon fiber is hidden from view unless you crawl underneath the car.

Thank you to one of our members raventare, PowerTrain Industries and Import Auto Pros for all the help with this project!

If you are interested in purchasing the PowerTrain Industries Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft, please send us an email at

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