Flossy Grip Tape REDHEAD Shorty Shift Knob Unboxing, Install and Review w/ VIDEO

Modifying your car is a personal experience and nothing is more personal than your shift knob. Why? Well, you touch it only second most to the steering wheel.

This why the Flossy Grip Tape REDHEAD Shorty shift knob makes a statement on the interior of your BRZ that it’s for you and nobody else. This shift knob is custom-made for the Subaru BRZ, with the 6 speed shift pattern and BRZ logo laser engraved right on top. It weighs in at 500 grams, which is a lot heavier than stock and makes shifts “buttery” smooth. It feels great in the hand because it’s a good size and the “grip tape” effect produces a non-slip surface. Being powder coated and texturized also reduces the temperature changes of the knob, so you won’t have to worry about burning your hand and not being able to shift your car on a hot summer day!

Installed with a red Cusco Spin Turn Knob
Installed with a red Cusco Spin Turn Knob

Flossy Grip Tape REDHEAD Shorty Features:

  • CNC produced with CARBON STEEL material
  • Powder Coated and Texturized for Grip and Feel
  • Coating allows for “cooler” effect, so knob stays cooler than most
  • Machined Threading allows for precision fitment with NO Delrin Inserts (bye-bye plastic)
  • Custom laser engraving on rounded surface so logo and coating never wears
  • Stealth series has small Flossy logo
  • Made in the USA 100% FLOSSY

Not only does the red color match the factory stitching in the seats and the steering wheel, but it matches our Cusco Spin Turn Knob perfectly! Custom engravings can also be ordered and they can be made to fit a variety of vehicles!

Click here to be directed to Flossy to purchase this shift knob!

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