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  11. BRZ Black Edition by PROVA from TAS 2012
  12. 2013 Subaru BRZ Sports Car to Make U.S. Debut at NAIAS in Detroit
  13. 2013 Subaru BRZ Sports Car to be Displayed at Consumer Electronics Show
  14. 2013 U.S. Model Subaru BRZ Debuts in Detroit!
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  16. BRZ Financing Figures in Japan Released!
  17. Subaru BRZ Official Release Date, Model Info, and Sales Plan!
  18. Subaru BRZ Marketing Campaign Release for Japan!
  19. Subaru BRZ Accessories Released! + STI Accessory Line! + iPhone Cases!
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  25. BRZ starting at 17k?
  26. 6,000 BRZ's To Be Produced?
  27. Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 Production Begins by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd
  28. Inside Line BRZ PRICES estimate.
  29. FR-S to start at $24,200
  30. Rumor: Subaru BRZ Pricing and Turbo BRZ on the way!
  31. 2013 Subaru BRZ DRIVEN by Road&Track in Cannes, France w/ VIDEO
  32. 2013 Subaru BRZ sales figures: 4 times target, hit 3,551 units, only 2 moths in, JP
  33. BRZ vs Miata Review
  34. Top Gear gets a hold of a BRZ
  35. CUSCO Aftermarket Parts for BRZ | FR-S | 86 Available April / May
  36. Subaru BRZ GT300 qualifies 8th, but retires during Round 1 of Super GT due to gearbox
  37. Subaru Announces BRZ Pricing Today
  38. Subaru BRZ vs Nissan 370Z vs Mazda MX-5 Autocar Review
  39. BRZ Canadian pricing announced
  40. 2013 Subaru BRZ "handled better than the $178,000+ Porsche, Godzilla and the McLaren!
  41. BRZ Wins First Gymkhana Championship in the RAIN by driver Tetsuya Yamano
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  43. Confirmed!? No Turbo for the Scion FR-S and a maybe for the Subaru BRZ says C&D
  44. 2013 Scion FR-S Full Details + Product Info from Press / Media Day in Las Vegas
  45. 2013 Subaru BRZ UK Pricing Announcement – Starting at £24,995 to £27,995!
  46. According to cars.com, the BRZ has landed
  47. Subaru BRZ Named “VDI Car of the Year” by 2012 Vehicle Dynamics International Awards
  48. BRZ vs Genesis Coupe vs MX-5 Miata Comparison Test by Road&Track w/ VIDEOs
  49. Share Lap Times from Track Days on PlayStation?!
  50. Subaru BRZ runs Isle of Man TT in Press Launch w/ VIDEO
  51. Subiesport is back
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  53. Magazine Watch
  54. 1089 BRZ Sales June 2012 YTD
  55. BRZ Sells Out in Australia and Crashes Subaru's Website
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  57. Top Gear (online) runs GT 86 against some competitors.
  58. Subaru of America Continues Sales Hot Streak for August 2012
  59. 2013 Subaru BRZ Awarded IIHS 2012 TOP SAFETY PICK
  60. BRZ XT Line Concept from the 2012 Paris Motor Show
  61. Subaru September Sales Figures
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  63. Track Ready Subaru BRZ from 2012 Australian International Motor Show! w/ Pictures
  64. 2014 Subaru BRZ might come turbo!
  65. Daijiro Yoshihara to drive a BRZ in 2014 Formula Drift Season!
  66. Subaru BRZ Wins 2012-2013 Car of the Year Japan "Special Award"
  67. Subaru will get 2,000 more BRZs to sell over the next 4 months!
  68. VIDEO Subaru BRZ's "FA20" Boxer Engine Named to Ward's "10 Best Engines" of 2013
  69. BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept - Subaru Exhibition Outline Tokyo Auto Salon 2013
  70. VIDEO Toshiki Yoshioka to Drive BRZ in 2013 Formula Drift and Pikes Peak!
  71. 2013 Subaru Motorsport Activities for the BRZ and STI
  72. BRZ "RA Racing" Announced to Compete in "GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race"
  73. BRZs available in Austin
  74. VIDEO February Jalopnik Car Pack adds Subaru BRZ to Forza Horizon!
  75. AWD Turbo Convertible Diesel Hybrid Subaru BRZ
  76. tS / STI edition BRZ
  77. Subaru BRZ tS Officially Announced by STI in Japan
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