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Thread: shift knob.

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    shift knob.

    hi guys first to post on the fourm got my brz two weeks ago... man i love it anyways

    i just got done with my 79 celica rebuild. ground up!Name:  1375717_10201571229259217_502926049_n.jpg
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    so i wanted a car with the same basic layout, rwd, not too crazy powerfull and fun.
    so i got the brz! loving it.
    but i felt the stock knob was a little hard to move around, and hard to shift fast, or run the gears.
    so i looked for a short shift....i did not feel like taking my new $27,000 car apart was going to be very fun. so i looked into a heavy shift knob. went to the usual suspects and found nothing , then i found this place http://www.lathewerks.com/shop/

    new knob was everything i wanted and more, i got the pistion style. with texture and a thumb depression. its $$$ for sure but now i dont need a short shift!
    anyways i thought i share,
    Name:  1378353_10201571140056987_1519700792_n.jpg
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    Re: shift knob.

    wow man thanks for sharing this, beautiful knob! Keep up the good work on the toyota.


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