GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum Featuring a TWIN CHARGER and 330 HP OFFICIALLY Released at TAS 2013 w/ VIDEO

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Google Translated Information:

Supra sports car that … 20 years ago had “shine” and “yearning”. Concept car that was revived in the modern world that thought appeared. Together with the fearless worthy to have a high-performance car, the interior is full of originality and unique specification, “GRMN” by Shitsurae quality to enhance the satisfaction. Equipped with the twin charger that combines turbo and supercharger, performance acceleration I was a wide range of excellent high rotation speed range from low rpm also.Performance is not the only appearance suggests.

Twin Charger
Equipped with a twin charger that combines turbo and supercharger. Maximum output of 330 horsepower occurs, 44.0kgf · m maximum torque as a target value. It will tune with superior acceleration performance in a wide range of high rotation speed range from low rotation.
Brake caliper and brake rotor only
Equipped with brakes that can be taken with confidence, the power obtained by the twin charger. Excellent cooling capabilities, demonstrated high heat dissipation. Certainly reduce the split-second world, the braking force is no blurring, promises to ensure both peace of mind and stability.
Various LED
Lighting to LED head lamp parts, such as the LED rear combination lamps with LED and beam line, front and rear, a sex symbol of the Supra, achieving high performance car worthy of the fearless. I do not miss the excellent visibility.
White leather bucket seats
Both space and quality to enhance the feeling of satisfaction when you sit down, hold the property sought to sports driving. Became the interior space is a high-performance driving feel joy and treat the whole interior is also white and black leather, with a car.

Base vehicle GRMN SPORTS FR Concept
Vehicle dimensions Overall width 1,250 mm Overall height 1,855 mm × 4,350 mm × length
Wheelbase 2,570 mm
Weight of vehicle 1,280 kg
Minimum ground clearance 95mm
Tread [before] 1,590 mm
Tread [after] 1,610 mm
Tire size [before] 245/40R18
Tire size [after] 265/35R18
Displacement 1,998 cc
Transmission 6-speed MT
Maximum output target value [] (KW [ps]) 242 [330]
Maximum torque value [target] (N · m [kgf · m]) 431 [44.0]
Skin color Platinum silver (original color)
Exterior LED headlights (low beam)
LED beam line (front / rear)
LED rear combination lamp
Front / rear fenders
Racing rear spoiler
GR logo pack rear garnish
Interior White leather bucket seats
Steering wheel and shift knob
(White & Black Leather)
4 point seat belt (with GAZOO Racing logo)
Roll cage
Additional meter (boost gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge)
Functional component Twin Charger
(Turbocharger + supercharger)
Only suspension tuning
Brake caliper and brake rotor only
Mechanical LSD
Dedicated dual exhaust
Different size front and rear aluminum wheels and tires


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