Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Commercials from Around the World!

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The BRZ and FR-S are taking over in limited numbers in every nation from around the world! Subaru of Canada and Australia have both released videos of their all new BRZ. The Canadian version features a slow, steamy, hot intro that drops into a WOB DUB drift through smoke! I apologize for that description. The Australians decide to take a more historical approach and show the story of how the BRZ is part of the RAW Subaru family. Subaru of America does not have a commercial for the BRZ, but then again I don’t think they need one. On the other hand, Scion is taking over U.S. with more cuts of Ken Gushi drifting the canyon roads of California. All the commercials are great, so click past the jump for all the videos!

Scorched: 2013 Subaru BRZ: | Official Subaru Canada


Subaru BRZ – RAW Subaru | Official Subaru Australia


2013 Scion FR-S “Kick Some Asphalt” Commercial | Official Scion U.S.


2013 Scion FR-S “Driving Is Back” Commercial

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