Subaru BRZ runs Isle of Man TT in Press Launch w/ VIDEO

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Some lucky members of the press embarked on a journey with the new Subaru BRZ on the Isle of Man TT course. The same course where a 2011 Subaru WRX STI smashed the car lap record last year. A quick Google search provided an awesome video of several BRZs and WRXs jumping over the famous Ballaugh Bridge, embedded below. Popular Mechanics says, “The experience was surreal. Shooting through the in-town section, the BRZ hit speeds of up to 120 mph– which, due to the narrow roads and nearby stone walls and trees, felt twice as fast. The throngs of fans along the course were so close, I could’ve rolled a window down, stuck a hand out, and slapped them with high-speed high fives. The final run through the mountain course offered staggering vistas to the Irish Sea, where wide open stretches of road see motorcycles surpassing 200 mph speeds on race days.” More information and media is probably in the works so stay tuned! Check out the article and join the discussion in our forum section, here!

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