Toyota GT86 convertible concept to appear at Geneva Motor Show w/ Poll

FT-86 Open Concept Official Sketch
FT-86 Open Concept Official Sketch

With the success of the Toyota GT86/86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, Toyota/Subaru is looking to expand the model range. To the enthusiasts, this release probably won’t be of interest, but to the weekend cruisers, this might be their new top down pleasure.

Several rumors about an 86 convertible have been started, but now it looks like an official concept will come to light at this years Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the FT-86 Open Concept, this release will be to test the waters of the public before Toyota dives head first into a swimming pool of what I like to call, “The pool of other cars that a company thought they needed, but didn’t and then it caused them to discontinue that model”. Now, I doubt that will happen with the 86, but I would like to remind Toyota/Subaru of why they made this car, the pure driving delight, simple, driver oriented, light weight, low center of gravity, stiff chassis… the list goes on. I remind them of these catch phrases and terms because I don’t think of a convertible model and them in the same sentence. By now you are probably yelling at me, “What about the Honda S2000!?” Well, what about it, do you see it for sale by Honda anymore… NO!

Toyota/Subaru, I am not telling you to make a convertible or not, but do your research and development on your current prototype completely and don’t rush anything to market! Thanks!

Stay tuned for more in the near future, but for now I invite you to take part of a poll and the discussion in our forum section here!


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