Toyota Supra successor and smaller 86 in the works?

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Tetsuy Tada, Toyota’s chief engineer on the 86, thinks that there is room for two more sports cars in Toyota’s line up. The resurrection of the Supra successor rumor was by The Sydney Morning Herald; mentioned was one larger and one smaller sports car, then the mid-size Toyota 86. We first heard of a Supra successor during the development of the Lexus LF-A, but eventually we saw the LF-A turned into a super car and not an affordable track day warrior. A larger more powerful, but still affordable 86 sounds like a win! Along with the rumor of the next Supra was the reference to a sub 86 sports car. A true Miata competitor? Subaru was also mentioned in the article, with reference to another co-development project, because of their recent release of the co-developed Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 models. We find both of these rumors very interesting and understand that nothing is official, yet. How awesome would it be; a full line up of Subaru and Toyota fun to drive sports cars at every price point for all types of buyers?

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