[VIDEO] Burnouts and Drifting are included! Toyota 86 – UAE Launch

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Big wing, burnouts, and drifting, this is the official launch video for the Toyota 86 in the United Arab Emirates. The video description says this is “To illustrate the amazing handling capabilities of this future legend Al-Futtaim Motors took the 86 to the twisty roads of Fujairah. Watch and enjoy the 86 do what it does best.” We all know what kind of car videos surface from the Middle East, not saying that the UAE is the culprit, but I am sure we can expect some crazy driving from future Toyota 86 drivers. The description also mentions this disclosure to ensure they people don’t follow suit. “The above video was shot at a closed road, with a professional driver behind the wheel of the car. Al-Futtaim Motors encourages all viewers to drive safely and to adhere to all road regulations.” Check out the video below and join the discussion in our forum, here!

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