[VIDEO] New 2013 Scion FR-S “In The Dust” Ad, False Advertisement?

“The Scion FR-S comes equipped with a 200 horsepower boxer engine, RWD, and an optional 6-speed automatic transmission featuring paddle shifters and dynamic rev management that leaves everything else in the dust.”

Above is the description from the video. Let’s break this down. We all know that the 200 hp makes it difficult to leave mini vans in the dust at a stop light, let alone a #BRZFRS86 with the 6-speed automatic; the performance figures drop even more! I just hope someone doesn’t get in the car and feel that this ad is false advertisement.

Why not highlight the chassis balance, the pleasure of the driving experience or the lightweight front engine rear wheel drive layout? These are the highlights of the Scion FR-S that leave other cars in the dust on a twisty road.

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2013 Scion FR-S Photo Gallery: http://goo.gl/EA8mfo

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