[VIDEO] Toshiki Yoshioka to drive a Turbo Subaru BRZ in 2013 Formula Drift Season and Pikes Peak!

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Toshiki Yoshioka’s RS*R S15 at Formula Drift Long Beach, 2012

The latest news about a Subaru BRZ in Formula Drift comes from legendary driver Toshiki Yoshioka. In 2012, Toshiki drove the RS*R S15 and has roots drifting the original Hachiroku in previous seasons.

With the 2013 Formula Drift season starting on April 12 in Long Beach, CA, Toshiki and his team have their work cut out to get the car ready. The BRZ will be sponsored by GTNET USA, set up by Yoshioka Racing, the engine will be a Subaru EJ from Tomei Power, turbocharged by Garrett, and suspension from Cyber Engineering.

In the video below, Toshiki says that he had no intention of putting a V8 in the BRZ because of access weight. You also see that he chose the BRZ by playing rock, paper, scissors at a dinner party. Toshiki wanted to get an FR-S and his friend wanted the BRZ, Toshiki lost.

Here at pure86.com, we are very excited for the upcoming Formula Drift series and following years. It will only be a matter of time when we see several more BRZ / FR-S join the series and the likes of Ken Gushi’s GReddy Racing FR-S and Dai Yoshihara’s Falken Tire BRZ in 2014.

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