Vortech Supercharger now boosts to 9 PSI, 294HP with the new Complete Kit for the 2013 Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S

A boosted more powerful version of the BRZ and FR-S is everyones wish at the moment. Well, it could be done now, you don’t have to wait for Subaru or Toyota/Scion to do it for you. There are several options for turbo kits or supercharger kits out at the moment, but the one that is probably the most popular and installed on the most vehicles is the Vortech Supercharger kit.

Today Vortech announced a second version of the kit available starting April 1, the “Complete Systems Kit”, different from the “Tuner Kit”, that boosts the PSI to 9 and makes 294HP and 210 lb/ft torque. What’s the difference? Well, the “Complete Systems Kit” includes all the necessary fuel components to boost to that 9PSI. “This includes a replacement MAP sensor and Ecutek programmer to re-flash the ECU with a safe, custom Vortech calibration for 91-octane fuel.”

2012 Sema Show video introducing the Vortech Supercharger kit:

Included Components

  • Gear-driven V-3 H67B centrifugal supercharger, designed specifically for the FA20 Boxer engine. Includes 3.48” drive pulley (approximately 9 PSI at factory redline) and G3 helical gear configuration.
  • The V-3 features an internal oil reservoir. No connection between the oil pan and the compressor gear case is required; no oil line. Includes a remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle.
  • Technologically advanced, high-efficiency, 5-Axis machined billet impeller and high-diffusion housing developed in our SAE-J1723-compliant supercharger test cell.
  • Stylized airbox and filter housing design allows for additional flow, while retaining the factory cold air ram intake. Quick release fasteners allow for simple access to filter for change/cleaning.
  • Integrated air/air charge cooler configuration features all aluminum tube ducting and an oversized cooler core to provide maximum cooling with minimum pressure loss.
  • Discharge duct connections utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps.
  • CNC machined billet mounting bracketry with black anodized finish for attractive and functional “factory-type” appearance and rigidity.
  • All necessary belts, pulleys and reusable high-flow air filter.

Pricing starts at $4298.95 for the “Tuner Kit” and is $5687.95 for the new “Complete Kit”.

Vortech says the installation takes about 4-6 hours. Drifting.com has a tutorial video of the installation done on Robert / #staycrushing’s Rocket Bunny FR-S for sale on their site. Click here for more information and a trailer of the installation video by Drifting.com!

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